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. its shares surged almost 15% after the mobile carrier said it was in talks with japan's softbank. those negotiations could lead to the japanese tech giant taking a major stake in sprint. sprint may have a savior-- it could use help and money from softbank. sprint has been struggling for seven years-- a disastrous merger with nextel, and an expensive tab to modernize its wireless network. but sprint insisted today its talks with softbank are in the early stages. "although there can be no assurances that these discussions will result in any transaction or on what terms any transaction may occur, such a transaction could involve a change of control of sprint." reportedly, softbank would invest nearly $13 billion for a majority stake in sprint. that could go a long way to help sprint compete with rivals at&t and verizon, and pay for its investment in mobile broadband provider clearwire. >> i think the one piece of the puzzle with sprint that was always a little worrisome was their investment in clearwire. so to the extent that helps bolster clearwire, could make sprint an even better
. carl quintanilla is on assignment this morning. >>> we begin with breaking news on sprint and softbank. david faber's been working this all morning. >> yeah. it's been like the old days, those phones lighting up. we got a lot of details to share but also a lot of questions. we can tell you for the last few months softbank has been in negotiations to buy a majority position in telecom provider sprint. now originally those talks also included my sources tell me t-mobile. in fact, would have involved a deal in which t-mobile and sprint got together, something that has been discussed many times in the past. and then softbank came in with a very large equity check buying down significantly what was deutsche telecom's stake in the overall and perhaps buying even more from the sprint shoulder. that deal didn't happen. as we all know, in fact t-mobile has moved on, has a deal to acquire pcs. by the way, while there's been a great deal of speculation that sprint might try an jump that deal, i think we can put that aside for the moment because that's not likely to happen. pcs shares are down. th
states. nhk has learned that softbank is acquiring the third largest mobile phone carrier, sprint nextel. the purchase would spawn a global telecom giant. the negotiations are going on as the use of smartphones and other mobile devices is growing worldwide. sprint nextel has more than 56 million subscribers. nhk sources say softbank executives are in negotiations to acquire two-thirds of the total shares. softbank's total investment is expected to reach about $12.8 billion. both firms are providers for apple's iphones and both use a high-speed wireless communications protocol called lte or long-term evolution. the stronger yen is believed to be a factor in softbank's consideration in aspiring to buy sprint nextel. softbank executive are amay or may notally hoping to vastly expand their network in the u.s. where the market is showing considerable growth. if successful, the deal would lead to the creation of a telecommunications company with more than 90 million subscribers. >>> europe's financial leaders keep hearing others talk act their problems with debt. they're eager to turn the atte
the clearance and now it's got it. check out squares of sprint nextel, japan softbank talking about a two-thirds stake of sprint. nhk reported the original story and "the journal" says those talks are "advanced." it would be the largest foreign stake purchased by a japanese company on record and the stock is up 12% in the premarket. also a busy day for ipos, five are set for today, realogy holdings, intercept and kythera and shutterstock priced its offering above its expected range and garrison capital is expected to go public but not yet priced. >> it's a one shot on you, becky. >> i thought you had something you wanted to say. >> no, got nothing. >>> the street eagerly looking ahead to jpmorgan and wells fargo, those companies out with earnings on friday and joining us on set with a preview is betsy graseck, morgan stanley's large cap analyst. what are you looking for? >> looking to understand how good the fixed income has been, how good housing has been and all the various ways it's impacting them, and then on the other side of the equation is nim, what's the forward look there. i this
on. earlier we talked about softbank in japan looking closely at sprint and that is in talks to take a majority stake in a deal worth $12.8 billion and now sprint is confirming those discussions. we have seen sprint jumping up nearly 13%. in the meantime one story with sprint moved other names including metro pc yes which you may remember was making the deal with deutsche telekom maybe and maybe step in and sprint putting that on hold and they are in the same business up 41% so metro p c.s. down 4% and obviously interrelated. time to make money with charles payne this hour. he is talking about a commercial banking organization that was the victim of a cyberattacks. charles: sun trust bank is situated in the mid-atlantic and southeast. this is an area where household incomes are above the national average and population growth above the national average and this is called superregional. i am afraid of these giant banks like banc of america and citigroup. it is so opaque. the change the accounting rules that these guys are pretty clear. loan provisions for losses have come down dramati
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this morning that if fact. over in japan, softbank is in talks to buy a majority, and that's pushing sprint to a new high. stuart: i think i've got it, but i can tell that metropcs is down quite sharply and sprint is up >> big, big move. stuart: for sprint a big deal. thanks, nicole. time is money, 30 seconds, what we've got for. the vice-presidential debate, will paul ryan keep his momentum, the the romney camp's momentum going. will joe biden make a memorable gaffe? everybody will be watching and we'll be talking about it later on the the show. the city of oakland suing the federal government. it says the feds are overstepping by trying to shut down its medical marijuana dispensaries. and i think libya and the president's handling of it is a big story. the mainstream media does not seem to agree. and brent bozell upon the media. he joins us shortly. we want to hear from you sends your e-mails thursday morning, 7 early movers, the restaurant chain ruby tuesday, the profit there disappointing, the stock is down a little. audio equipment maker, vox gives a weak outloo
of sprint-nextel leaping 14%. the japanese mobile phone company softbank is in talks to buy 70% of sprint. the deal would be valued at $4.8 billion. >>> a comeback for ipos. four public companies made public debuts today led by real estate giant realogy. they posted gains of 20%. that is the first time had happened in 12 years according to dealogic. to our top story. vice president joe biden and representative paul ryan will face off in the spotlight tonight. they're debating all the money issues that matter. with me live on the ground is fox news's very own big cheese, the man in charge. neil cavuto. neil, welcome to the show. i was watching that other program you do on that other channel, i think it is fox news channel, maybe, you were talking about there is a table involved this time? >> i'm sorry? melissa: a table. they will sit around a table? >> yes. i'm sorry. very hard to hear here. yeah, this is really, last time this was done when dick cheney was vice president. he prefers a table. they think it leads and often times it does, i don't know psychological for less heated argument,
in clearwire even as sprint is soliciting a stake from softbank to take a stake into that company. clearwire here at a six-month high. >> thank you very much, ber that. >>> the vice presidential debate is on tap tonight and the branding wars are in full effect. jane wells is live in los angeles with one that may not be going all that well. miss jane? >> with all the questions facing the country, you heard from simpson-bowles and the debate tonight -- is one of them which pizza do you prefer? when branding creates its own debate when we come back. [ mal] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> welcome b
. the action that we are seeing here tax onto a winning year 2012. they are in fact in discussion with softbank of japan. dagen: thank you. connell: we do have some more noise, as they say, around the jobs report. if you cannot count on these jobs numbers, what can investors count on? we will talk about that. dagen: we will continue to track the run-up in sprint. connell: new legislation could force your cell phone provider to stop sharing info with third parties like the u.s. government. you think the judge is for this. well, we do not put any words and the judges mouth. he will be here to speak for himself in studio. oil, backup to 92 and changed today. that is a big gain. we will be right back. ♪ dagen: welcome back, everybody. quarter past the hour. stocks now and every 15 minutes. breaking news on apple and samsung. nicole: this is a big one that we will continue to follow. u.s. appeals court actually reversing that injunction against samsung galaxy nexus smart phone in the patent fight with apple. as the news roque, the volume spiked, it sold off. this is not great news here for apple.
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)